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We are able to carry out any exterior plastering that your heart may desire for your new construction or commercial project! We have experience on all types of exterior surface including AAC panel, lightweight concrete, Hebel blocks and Rockcote. 

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We can offer you a “one stop shop” service that encompasses all of your home exterior needs, this includes repairs and maintenance. Moisture infiltration can cause damage behind all types of exterior cladding materials. The damage is most always the result of secondary components such as flashing details, windows, doors, and decks being improperly installed or incorporated into the structure. At WASP Plastering, we can help with any issue you need repaired.

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From the most traditional homes to the most elegant modern construction, rendered walls can be a perfect accent feature that can transform any room. Surface render is a concrete looking plaster with a smooth finish which gives a textural warmth to the interior of any building.

A concrete surface render comes in a variety of colours and textures to really make your focal wall stand out. Contact us today to bring your imagined designs to life.

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